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Community Support Through Rewards

As a campaign creator there is no better feeling than reaching your funding goal, but getting rewards sponsored by another local business or organization is a pretty close second. That’s right in this blog we are finally wrapping up our series on rewards by highlighting sponsored rewards.

These special types of rewards are provided to you, the campaign creator, typically at zero cost by other businesses or organizations within your community. Over the last couple of years, we have seen some really inspiring sponsored rewards. Sponsored rewards are special in their own way because they help campaign’s reach their goal faster as the cost of rewards are not coming out of the funds that have been raised by the campaign.

Sponsored rewards can directly relate to the campaign project like Laramie’s past campaign, A Creative Space for Artists, offering a “Pop-Up Paint Party” hosted by local artist Tara Pappas. Or sponsored rewards can be simply a product that the sponsor sells like Monadnock’s past campaign, Prime Roast Beans By Bike, offering a 30 Minute Massage Gift Certificate to a local massage and wellness center.

Other great sponsored rewards can be gift cards for food and drinks, punch cards for fitness classes like kickboxing and yoga, or even items like handmade quilts, paintings, and soaps.

Now that you know what a sponsored reward is and have seen a few example what type of sponsored rewards do you find the most creative? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Co-Author, Debbie Gorski

Hey! I am Debbie Gorski and I am focused on New Accounts for The Local Crowd. I am excited to visit and answer any questions you may have how The Local Crowd can benefit your community or business.

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