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Rewards With A Meaningful Memory

Have enough stuff in your life but still want to contribute to the crowdfunding campaign hosted by your favorite business or non-profit? Experience rewards are exactly what you need! So what is an experience reward? An experience reward allows contributors the opportunity to do something that will create a pleasant memory, possibly even a once-in-a-lifetime memory.

A recent TLC campaign “Bringing People Together Through Parent College” offered some unique experience rewards like a ride-along with the local police or a day at the shooting range with the sheriff.

Other past campaigns have offered the experience of a Chef’s VIP Night that took place outside of normal business hours, the opportunity to work with brewmasters on a small batch of beer, and even the chance to raid the costume closet of the local theater before having their photo taken.

Experience rewards can also provide an opportunity to allow other local businesses in your community the opportunity to sponsor a reward for your campaign.

Be creative; Think about activities that would coincide with your campaign that would introduce contributors to more fully experience what your business or non-profit organization provides.

Now that you have realized some unique and fun experience rewards, leave a comment below on a creative experience reward you would contribute to through a campaign in your local community.

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