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The Co-op Journey

Co-op Transition Team

We took another step forward on our journey towards becoming a cooperative. Our Co-op Transition Team met for the first time in December. Susann Mikkelson, Co-op Development Specialist at the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union, facilitated our meeting and offered the team an overview of this democratic business model.

“Most people have encountered at least one type of cooperative: maybe a producer co-op, like food giants Land O’ Lakes or Ocean Spray; a consumer co-op like most local food co-ops or big retailers like REI (Recreational Equipment Incorporated); a credit union or a mutual insurance company; or a rural electric cooperative, which are common around the country. Some people are members of housing co-ops or co-housing communities that may not be incorporated as co-ops but still function that way.”

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union

Like the image at the top of this newsletter illustrates, we have a long journey ahead of us. However, we’re excited to proceed with purpose with all of you.

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