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The Reality of Rewards-Based Crowdfunding

Before a campaign is published, we recommend that a campaign creator offer some fun and creative rewards to inspire contributors to support the project.  The campaign owner may create a reward from their own products or services or offer “sponsored rewards” from other businesses in the community.  Great ideas for creative rewards can come from previous campaigns on Crowdfunding Made Local | The Local Crowd Cooperative.

As you create rewards for your campaign, choose products or services that can be picked up locally or can be fulfilled without additional cost. Always consider a reward may need to be shipped, and be sure to include the shipping cost in the reward contribution amount. Providing digital recognition to the contributor, or digital downloads is ideal to keep expenses low or at no cost to the campaign creator. Many campaigns include a reward to celebrate their crowdfunding success; a celebration party is a fun reward opportunity!

A very important step at the completion of your campaign is reward fulfillment. Fulfill rewards as quickly as promised, this builds trust and excellent customer service for your business. Conversely, failure to fulfill reward requests can reflect poorly on your business!  Keep reward recipients updated if challenges arise! A contributor who doesn’t receive their reward is an unhappy contributor!

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