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What Makes The Local Crowd Special?

Crowdfunding continually grows in popularity as a means to raise capital; The Local Crowd (TLC) often gets compared to other platforms in the industry like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. We often get asked what makes The Local Crowd different from other models; it is our pleasure to share what makes us unique.

The Local Crowd (TLC) has 10 years of experience in the marketplace with a focus on rewards-based crowdfunding that specializes in funding for small businesses and organizations, especially in rural areas. The power of TLC’s crowdfunding platform is made more powerful because it is local — activated in communities through community development groups. Local features such as matching grants, in-kind contributions, and sponsored rewards make TLC a one-of-a-kind platform focused on rural communities. Each TLC community gets its own, branded platform to support residents, businesses, and nonprofits.

TLC provides campaign creators with Crowdfunding Success Tips, an education series that walks creators through the steps necessary to have a successful campaign, and partnered with a success coach who provides guidance throughout the process of building, launching, and wrapping up campaigns. If a campaign doesn’t reach its targeted funding goal by its end date, our campaign creators receive the funds they have raised.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or a non-profit, The Local Crowd welcomes any and all ideas for campaigns: Crowdfunding Success Workshop | The Local Crowd, LLC

headshot of Debbie Gorski, Business Developer for TLC

Co-Author, Debbie Gorski

Hey! I am Debbie Gorski and I am focused on New Accounts for The Local Crowd. I am excited to visit and answer any questions you may have how The Local Crowd can benefit your community or business.

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